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CompanyChallengeSolutionResultFundbox• Applicants for loans weren’t able to complete the loan application process themselves • Sales didn’t have an easy way to see who they should follow up with, and when • Basile hated having to ask Engineering to spend time working on data pipelines for sales, instead of on the core product• Automated their revenue ops without using developers • Implemented an automated data corridor from Snowflake cloud data warehouse to Salesforce• 33% improvement in conversion rates for application completion when COVID hit • Freed up engineering to focus on the core product • Allowed them to launch their PPP program offering ahead of larger lenders during COVID • “We are now able to say yes far more often. We ship smarter, ship faster.”Salesloft• Inbound lead routing was too slow, and conversion rates were being affected • Sales couldn’t see where leads were coming from, so could not follow up effectively on the best ones Not generating enough increased expansion, due to lack of product usage visibility to sales, and poor follow up for professional services webinars• Synced SalesLoft user data to Salesforce for faster follow up and delivered high-priority leads • notifications to the Sales team in Slack • Supported professional services webinars with lead routing• Reduced lead follow up time for inbound leads to under 5 minutes (industry best practice) • Drove increased adoption and expansion through Customer 360, with product usage data in Salesforce and better follow up after professional services webinars • Improved inbound and outbound lead follow up for 2000+ leads, with better lead conversion rates • Improved physical and virtual event ROIAvid Change• Couldn’t use native Marketo sync because there were two Salesforce orgs. • Needed to migrate from HubSpot to Marketo and also start doing more strategic marketing/selling to supplier side• Connected their single Marketo instance with two separate Salesforce instances • Created full bi-directional core integration, allowing them to migrate from HubSpot• Better alignment between marketing and sales through integrations and automation the Marketing team created on their own in under 3 months • Supports lead generation for a newer business unit for the first time • Streamlined paid ad program management • Closed-loop reporting creates faster marketing optimization Courtney went on to become a Marketo Champion which was a personal goal of hers

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